2017 Monthly Devotions for Church Council Meetings

The Virginia Synod Stewardship Table has created a booklet of monthly devotions, to be used by your Church Council at its meetings. Each devotion it contains was written by a pastor or lay member of our Virginia Synod, around the theme of stewardship as that which frames our lives together, called to share in the ministry of Word and Sacraments.
We hope that you will find these brief devotions, with their thought-provoking questions, to be helpful to you as you conduct the ministry and the business of your congregation or parish.

Where Does Your Offering Go?

Many of you are familiar with the animated video introduced at the 2016 Churchwide Assembly in New Orleans. The video is entitled, “Where your Offering Goes” this video can be viewed, downloaded and copied from the address below.

ELCA congregations gave $1.8 billion in regular offerings last year. Where does it go? This video shares how your congregational offerings support the ministries of the ELCA and the church around the world.


In addition, we have had requests from DEMs for DVD or thumb drive copies of this video. We too recognize some congregations do not yet have technology in place to show this video off the web. Therefore, we are giving you an opportunity to order copies of this video in both formats – DVD or thumb drive. We will provide up to 10 copies in either format to you at no cost if you send us a written request by no later than 4PM CDT on Monday, September 26, 2016. Additional copies will cost $5 each. To place your order, send your request with the specific mix (number for each format) to:

Neil Bullock at
You may call Neil at (773) 380-2884 if you have questions.
We are working to ship orders by Tuesday, October 11.

Some Useful Websites:


Tried and true books on stewardship and congregational renewal (find them all at )

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White papers on selected topics related to congregations and planned giving: 


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